A big part of what makes the Division 2 fun is the push to get better loot. But some players have discovered that certain early-game gear is actually a lot more effective than the endgame versions. Specifically, mods that drop while your character is level 16-18 seem to have much more useful stat bonuses, and it’s possible to farm these just by rolling a fresh agent. You can read the full top 10 sales chart for this week below, courtesy of UKIE and GfK Chart-Track. Note this table does not include digital sales data, and so should not be considered representative of all UK game sales.

Public test servers are exactly what they sound like: Game servers, open to the public, that developers use to test new stuff before it goes into full release. Players like them too, because it's a way to get eyes and hands on new content before everyone else, and they've become relatively common for big online games. Soon The Division 2 will be one of those games, as live content manager Yannick Banchereau revealed during today's "State of the Game" livestream that public test servers will be opened later this month, ahead of the release of title update 3. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Buy The Division 2 Credits kindly go to our site.

As you can see from the list below, a couple of big hits from mid-2018 are still doing great along with the usual suspects like Grand Theft Auto V. Ubisoft's action adventure Assassin's Creed Odyssey is also pretty high on the list, after missing out the TOP 10 last week. Marvel's Spider-man saw the biggest boost in sales, going from 29th place to 10th. Super Smash Bros Ultimate and The Lego Movie 2 Videogame are the only two titles to drop out from the TOP 10 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is also slowly dropping after reaching the first spot in its launch week.

Well fear no more, as Ubisoft have confirmed that there will be improvements to PC performance issues in future updates, and they're currently working on trying to reproduce issues that have been reported and are looking for players to give more feedback. Additionally, a new NVIDIA driver will soon be dropping that promises to fix the Direct X 12 crash issues that seem to plague many players. Unfortunately, the performance improvement's won't be coming in this week's 2.1 patch, but that particular patch will at least bring some fixes for the revive animation glitch and crafting bench issues.

Right now, it seems the most effective way to maximize your damage output is taking a new character at level 16 into one of the three Dark Zones to farm green and blue system mods and protocol mods. These can provide 4% or 5% boosts to raw weapon damage much better than the high-end, high-gear score mods that add tiny boosts to critical hit chances, for instance. The low gear score on early mods doesn't matter you can slot up to eight of these into your armor and wind up with an additional 30-40% extra damage.